About Us


We are Leonte & Comp | Neck-ribbons

Trophies and Awards - the esence of our company - are not only a range of products dedicated to certain events, but also, personalized objects, charged with significance and sentimental value.

We are, probably, the greatest distributor of trophies, cups, medals and awards in Romania. The activity of Leonte & Comp started in 1992.

Even from the beginning we seeked to colaborate with the biggest providers of trophies and awards, concerning assembled products or parts. Starting with 1994, due to the trust and reliability shown to our clients, they guided us through taking over the distribution of trophies and awards activity in Romania.

The coordinates for our activity were, even from the beginning, the high quality of products, presenting and distributing new things from the world's market, reasonable prices, but also the ambition to honour all the clients requests even with the price of sacrifices. The identification of new clients, the satisfaction of the old ones, testing the market through products and ideas, figuring out general and latest trends of the trophies and awards market represent permanent activities that lead to our success.

Now, because we are the most known producer of neck-ribbons for medals across the Europe, we hope to satisfy our customers, not only with our textile products that we sell (neck-ribbons, rosettes, drapes, cords, pennants etc.), but also with other quality products (cups, medals and trophies).