Pennants, Ribbons And Velour Cases

    "Leonte & CO is the representative of some romanian ribbons production facilities specialized in the production of models ribbons, ID lanyards and velours cases. We have been able to build up a distribution network of our products in almost all countries ..."

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  19/09/2016 - New products from METAL TROPHIES

  30/08/2016 - SO6217 trophy, especially f...

  14/03/2016 - New look for our rossettes!

  04/11/2015 - ET31077A (30 cm)
ET31077B (31 cm)
ET31077C (32,5 cm)
ET31077D (34,5 cm)

  28/10/2015 - SME014 (32mm) and SME018 (45mm) - for marathons.

  20/01/2015 - New products at Economy Class Cups

  19/11/2014 - As of today we have a very exciting new product category: Configurable Trophies.

  03/09/2014 - Mic trophies

  11/03/2014 - NEW HEADQUARTERS

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